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Many people think that changing their name is a complicated process. However, it is not. You can add a name, remove a name, or totally change it as you prefer

In New York State you are not required to do a name change, it is optional. If you want to call yourself something else you may, just use your new name as long as there is no fraudulent intent. For example, if you want to begin calling yourself John Smith, you may.

HOWEVER, just because you are allowed to call yourself whatever you want that does not mean that everyone has to abide by your wishes. So, while you may call yourself Father Christmas or A B, many business and/or offices will not abide by it and will refuse to give you I.D. or other documents except in your legal name. So, if you want to make it official we need to obtain a Court Order for you.

You may not get your new name in order to trick someone. For example, if you ever filed a bankruptcy or have a criminal conviction, those courts will be told about your new name. Likewise if you owe creditors money or have judgments against you, those creditors or judgment holders will be told about your new name.

If you want a name change we will prepare and submit a petition and supporting documents. Then the Judge signs an Order for publication and you publish in a specified newspaper. Finally, you file your affidavit of publication and you can start using your new name.

Start obtaining your documents now. If born in NYS you need a certified birth certificate, otherwise a copy is ok. Also you'll need a driver's license and a utility bill. These last two should show your present address. You may need additional documents later on.

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